On this page, you'll find my portfolio: My graphic designs, copywriting and web designs I've put together.  Click on the link beneath each picture to learn more about the work. If you'd like to get in touch with me, simply head on over to the contact page.

Here's what I offer:

- Graphic Design
- Copywriting
- Webdesign for Squarespace, Wordpress and HTML/CSS
- Content for social media platforms (i.e. photography, motion graphics, graphic design etc.)

However, with that being said, I'm quite skilled with everything media related and I'm always up for  a challenge. Send me a message, sharing your idea! 




Logotype: Fearless friskvård


logotype: Johan ohrlund

Logotype: I Am Ready



Poster: Breakfast Pancakes

Poster: Pineapple

Poster: plane

Poster: Pineapple

Poster: Jungle Life



Sisters in Law Blog


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I am Ready Blogs

Tina Zetterberg Portfolio

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