Welcome to my corner of the internet! My name's Sophie, a 24-year-old currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. I'm a freelance writer and graphic designer who loves to travel, so naturally this is a blog about traveling: hopefully encouraging you to explore more of the world - whether it's the town next to yours, or the country of your dreams. On this platform, I'll share all my tips and tricks for you to enjoy! 

Before moving to Stockholm, I've spent my days living in San Francisco, CA, for a year, but also studying digital media in North of Sweden for almost two years. I know someday I'd love to live abroad again, and for quite a while I've had my eyes set on Lisbon, Portugal.

If you'd like to contact me, the easiest way is just to email me at sozetterberg@gmail.com, or you can simply just use the mail form below! 

This is what I offer:
- Graphic Design
- Copywriting
- Webdesign for Squarespace, Wordpress and HTML/CSS
- Content for social media platforms (i.e. photography, motion graphics, graphic design etc.)

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