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I’m Sophie - a 24-year-old freelance
designer and writer based in
Stockholm, Sweden.

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Becoming a designer hasn’t always been my dream. It was pretty much the opposite, to be honest. Although, maybe I should’ve seen it coming, during my teenage years I was the one, spending hours upon hours redesigning and coding my blog. But it wasn’t until I started university I got to know my passion for real - first day of graphic design 101 and I was hooked. Now, it’s been two years since I started studying media production at Umeå University and I’m still head over heels with design. Today, I live in Stockholm and run my own business, focusing on design and creating content for this world on internet. And I love it!

When I’m not on my computer, you’ll probably find me somewhere but Stockholm: I’m completely addicted to travel. Since turing 18 I’ve been around the world, living in San Francisco for a year, experienced as much of Sweden as I possibly could. And, hopefully, this is only the beginning. I know someday I'd love to live abroad again, and for quite a while now, I've had my eyes set on Lisbon, Portugal.

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